Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Please Green My Apple

I love my macbook, but unfortunately Apple Macs are like one of the most toxic computers out in the market. They look good, but they don't dispose well.

Log on to www.greenpeace.org/apple to see the truth behind your mac and what you can do about it.

Alternatively, download the above JPG image, print it on a sticker paper, cut it up, and paste it on your mac laptop. After that, give the rest of it to your machead friends and strangers. That way, we can all hold hands and make apple green.

Monday, October 23, 2006

(insert title here)

No... you did not just do that.
I run away, at great speeds down the alley
I run and I run and I run while my eyes stare into the sun.
I can barely see.
I run...
I can barely see.
I run...
I dodge the faint shadows that lie in my way.
I run...
I run into a glass wall.
I break into a million little pieces.
I pick myself up to put them all back together.
I put them all in the wrong places...
The pieces don't fit but I force them in anyway.
I think I left a couple of pieces behind.
Oh, fret not,
this happens fairly often.
I keep running...
Of you I ask for one thing.
If ever you should stumble into my loose pieces,
please spare a moment...
Step on it not, kick it aside not, brush it aside not.
If I may so boldly ask of you...
Pick it up and keep it in your jar.

ps: you may choose to keep it, you may return it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Start Stop Startle Topple

Startled by a friend long unseen
A step missed, ankle twists
like pretzels half uncooked
To the floor you crumple,
Six thousand eight hundred and ninety nine pieces.

In limbo,
to laugh, to express shock,
or to merely go 'what the fuck!'

Please excuse my incoherence
I should stop using big words...
Only small words from here on
Or my head might just burst...

like you, into six thousand eight hundred and ninety nine pieces.

Thank you for appreciating my consideration.
I'll take into consideration your appreciation.
Maybe I'll stop speaking in signs and symbols.
Maybe I'll stop altogether.

photo by the beautiful effasyafizadesa

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Bangkok Post no.2

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Monday, October 09, 2006

(for want of a title)

It's been quite some time now since I submitted a blog entry... As I pass through this phase of my life, I desired to put my life and the world, this world so arcane, into perspective. I took a giant leap up into space just for that. From high above, the world seems... for want of a better word, 'minute'. I stared at the world... so blue, so round, so quiet from up above. Soon, just as how the dense atmosphere on earth suffocates me, the lack of atmosphere in outer space does the same.

Alas, this temporary beauty lasts only but momentarily (one can of course debate the validity of this phrase). As I struggle to swim my way across the universe, it dawned on me that I've left my jet-pack behind. Such idiocy, I hit myself in my head. Little did I realize the force of this impact; that of my hand and my head, was so strong that it sent me zooming back to earth's atmosphere at such a mind boggling speed that in an instant, from a tiny little dot, the world in its entirety filled my field of vision.

ZIng Boom!

I meet the earth's atmosphere. I've held my breath for too long. I take a deep breath. It burns. The tremendous speed of my body rubs against the atmosphere. The friction sets my clothes on fire. Every breathe I take burn my lungs. I am naked, this atmosphere burns me from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside, soon they meet in the middle.

My skin burns.

My lungs burn.

My muscles burn.

All my other organs burn. (I would like to name these organs one by one, but due to my insufficient knowledge in the biological sciences, I can't.

Soon all that's left is my heart... whom somehow miraculously survives re-entry is now making its way down to earth; thanks to that wonderful invention we call 'gravity'.

It hits the ground with great force... but due to its elasticity, it bounces off. (Bear with me, but how this works is that as the heart accelerate its way down, it gathers momentum and accumulates kinetic energy. Upon hitting the ground, the kinetic energy of the said object becomes potential energy and launches to the opposite direction. But here's the most important bit, since the dissipation of energy is imperfect, not all of this energy would be converted to kinetic energy, some of it becomes heat due to the friction created during the momentous momentary moment as the said object hits the ground. So as this process repeats itself, the said object would bounce with less force over time, eventually bringing the said object to a complete stop. One may think that energy must have been lost through this process, but the law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, however it can be converted into different forms, which means that energy will always be in a state of equilibrium.) It shoots up into the sky, real high, but not so high as to penetrate the earth's atmosphere.

This process repeated itself for the next one thousand years (with less intensity over the years) and my heart eventually comes to a complete stop somewhere in the area between South East Asia and Turkey.

For quite some time it lays there. Though without a body, it lays there still pumping. Air passes through its cavity, left aorta to right aorta (once again, forgive me if i've got all these wrong, my knowledge in the biological sciences is crap... sorry for repeating myself... sorry for being sorry, i really shouldn't be sorry... but I'm sorry... I'm really really sorry though I have no reason to be sorry), right artery to left artery... my heart pumps in vain.

Slowly as it lays in the barren ground, grass begins to grow around it. Grass so green that painters begin plucking them to produce paint pigments for a green colour so vivid that when its used, audiences are often fooled into rolling on their paintings thinking that it is actually a grassy field. Of course, this does not go down well with these artists as they often find their masterpieces ruined with unsightly shoe prints. Soon, this grassy field continues to grow and spread further. Sunflowers begin to grow followed by a variety of flowers... petunias, daisies, bird of paradises... pretty much every flower you can imagine, even cauliflowers. Slowly, trees begin to sprout everywhere. Trees of every size and physique, tall, short, broad, softwood, hardwood, palms, every single kind of tree on can imagine... It is basically a rainforest if you ask me (but fortunately you won't be).

Eventually, this beautiful rainforest becomes somewhat of a tourists attraction as the local government decide to gazette it as a protected forest reserve.

One fine day... in the midst of the hoards of tourists that come visit this rainforest, you stroll along... You're singing a happy song as your knee length jet black hair rub against the bark of the trees you pass by.

Deep beneath the foliage, you hear a pulse. You dig into the foliage and there you find... hidden deep beneath the forest lays a fully functional human heart. You put your right hand to your chest and feels a cavity. It augurs you well to have this heart all for yourself.

You pick my heart up, and places it in that cavity in your chest.

You go away.

Soon, the leaves begin to wither, the trees lose their strength and begin to tumble one by one... the grass recedes... all is bare again.