Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pantun Emo Untukmu

Layang-layang terbang tinggi
Terkena tali putus kepala
Bayang-bayang lalu di tepi

Tomato, Tomato.

Non-conformism is bullshit...
Those who attempt to not conform usually ends up conforming to a lifestyle dictated by non-conformist standards.
Potato Potato.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

5 Ontological Queries

1) Do I exist in a metaphysical space? Or is it the ideal of me that manifests itself in a metaphysical space?

2) Do I exist purely for the purpose of my own awareness?

3) If the answer to the above question is 'Yes', does anything exist outside of my active field of vision? Is it necesary for anything/anyone else to exist beyond my field of awaness?

4) If the answer to the latter portion of the above question is 'Yes', wouldn't that be a complete waste of resource?

5) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Forgetting frangipani scented days
To forge upon separate ways.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Recollection Of Another Dream

A strange buzz interrupts my beautiful Saturday afternoon... Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... From the corner of my ears I can tell that its coming from my backyard. Its peculiarity draws me to it... Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

I walk out to my backyard. Lo and behold, lies a hole about 1 feet in diamter bored smack in the middle of the grassy compound. I peered into the hole. It's dark, it's damp, it appears to be an abyss that falls into eternity. I am tempted to jump into the hole, but am wary of my pre-existing theory on the abyss (I'd figured that to fall into an abyss would not be any fun, since it is never ending, that would mean I will never stop falling. I can scream my lungs out, but I'll probably get bored after some time, to be perpertually falling), which keeps me a safe distance from the hole.

As I back off... A stream of worms, slugs, and whatnot slithery organisms begin to gush out of this hole. When I say 'gush' I really do mean gush. A fountain of worms and slugs, and very soon a plethora of insects and very soon... snakes, spew upo into the air a couple of meters high as they begin to infestate my backyard. As disgusting as it may be, I can't help but be fascinated by this fountain of life that lies before me.

Very soon, the organisms spewing out of this fountain become more and more complex... small mammals, birds, small reptiles begin spewing out of this hole. In this mumbo jumbo of life, an occasional marine animal can be seen swimming in this fountain which is now so compact, it becomes almost fluid.

Burmese pythons, wallabies, dragonflies, terrapins, koala bears, cockatoos, pangolins, mousedeers, siamese cats, chinhuahuas, birds of paradises, painted terrapins, aisatic sun bears, porcupines, ravens, false gharials, tarsiers, etcetras.

They just keep on coming, so many species I can't even identify them. I call up all biologist, zoologist, primatologist, marine biologists, and every other 'ist' friends to come witness this spectacular spectacle. Some slams down their phones on my in disbelief, some comes with their notebooks and cameras... some even came with their sampling kits (which they soon realize was completely useless since there was so many specimens available and yet so little sampling test tubes, one of them actually went into so much headache as to which ones to sample that he resorted to emptying out what he thought is probably unimportant and filled up the used oneswith new samples only to realize that the ones thrown out are just as important.... quite a number of scientist lost their minds that day... but however, for any scientist, any sort of data is precious, so they're not really complaining)

Then the bigger animals start appearing... bovine species, large mammals and reptiles, primates, and large marine animals.

Leatherback turtles (much to the amazement of the marine biologist), llamas, mountain gorillas, african buffaloes, mountain goats, bearded pigs, an adolescent sperm whale (which the marine biologist pointed out 'thank god its just an adolescant, by the way... what are we gonna do if an adult blue whale pops up?), kangaroos, giraffes (of which made the most dramatic appearance... its neck raises slowly from the hole, as if standing on a mechanical rising platform though the truth really is that, its heavy lower torso is actually stuck in the hole. But as its body plugs up the hole, all the animals below it begin to build up, causing pressure to build below it... As the pressure becomes to high, the giraffe gets blown out of the hole with great force and sends it flying up into the air hundreds of meters up. We panic as we figure out how to break the giraffe's fall, but its alright since it landed on the cushion of animals that has accumulated in my backyard, it was on its feet in no time), orang utans, an asiatic elephant, sumatran rhinos, three-clawed sloths, etcetra.

As exciting as it is, we were somehow glad that the spectacle stopped as the hole spews out a final tarsier. We became worried as we fear such an influx of organisms would have a major impact on the local ecosystem. Then a person came out of the hole. Well, not surprising since if all animals are to come out of this, a human being might as well too since he is also an animal. We were puzzled as to what the hell this is all about, so we approached this person with questions.

Apparently, he's come from an ancient civilization thousand of years ago. It was then predicted that there would be a major catastrophe that would wipe out all organisms in the face of the earth very soon. Therefore a 'Noah's ark' mission was necesary to ensure that life continues from earth. They summoned the gods and ripped open a hole in the time space continuum which allowed all the animals to come into the future from a long long time ago.

We were stunned. We asked if we can enter this hole and would we come out from the very time space dimension that they've come from. He said that it is possible and he'd be glad to give us a tour. So armed with cameras and notebooks, we took a plunge into this abyss.

Next we find ourselves in this lush rainforest where the forest cover is so thick you can barely see through the canopy. The flora and fauna is amazing, very much like the ancient rainforest of Papua New Guinea, but ten times better (actually take that and multiply it by 100 to the power of shit). We walked to a clearing in the forest and finds ourselves on a cliff which overlooks this mysterious karst limestone formation that has features that looks exactly like a person's face... mouth, nose, eyes, eyebrows, and all.

I used up all my film and we all decided to go back to the present. We bade our prehistorical friend goodbye and jumped into the time space continuum rip again.

Friday, May 18, 2007

A cage in search of a bird.

This Is Still Not A Poem

Your golden needle mends the torn fabric of of my existence
Your silver thread contains me as I threaten to burst at my seams
Yet I disintegrate
All that's left is your silver thread
For a thousand years beyond the end of time.

ps: it was your golden needle which burst the fabric bubble of my existence in the first place.
pps: I should have stayed away.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Sepatah dua kata
Ah... mampuslah.
Aku lompat ke laut begelora.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13 twentyzeroseven

For 38 years it has been,
They tell me, 'Remember May 13.'
How can I remember when I was never told,
A history now grown so cold.

Everything's changing, yet nothing has changed,
Perfect strangers now even more strange.
Cementing separations on numerous occasions,
Self interest of our superior traditions.

Maybe I'll stab my eyes bloody,
And be blind to all that's holy.
You and me, escape to parallel dimensions,
Peppered with near impossible imaginations.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Been listening to the most venerated Panda Head Curry's long awaited album 'One Thousand Homo Humpbacks'... Through the pure genius that is Panda Head Curry, I have finally evolved into a form of pure energy.

So until I devolve from this current state I am in, I will refrain from posting any of my thoughts for fear that my current state of heightened wisdom may fry the average human brain.

In the mean time you can go download Panda Head Curry's One Thousand Homo Humpbacks from