Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hikayat Kambing Gurun Dan Walrus

Kambing gurun di Antartika
Lidah melekat di air batu
Walrus merayau di gurun Sahara
Mengaru-garu dibaham kutu

Penguin tergelak 'kakakakaka'
Gelagat kambing naik bulu
Unta tergelak 'hahahahaha'
Telatah walrus tersipu-sipu

Angin bertiup kencang belaka
Kambing gurun kesejukan kaku
Panas matahari tinggi nun sana
Walrus tercegat mampus terpaku

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pantun Tiga Rangkap Untukmu

Kedatangan kamu membawa padah
Lirikan mata menusuk jiwa
Minda dan raga terasa bagai nak muntah.


Over the past couple of days I've been trying to write something in here. Unfortunately, every attempt proves futile as i fail to honestly articulate the nonsensical thoughts in my head. Therefore if I do not write anything in the next couple of days, please forgive me. Well, does it matter? Nobody reads this anyway. Cheerios.

PS: I wouldn't go down so low... not to your level I'm sorry.

Friday, February 16, 2007

See That Rainbow Walk By...

Today I became a rainbow... my ensamble of clothing comprised of the following colours in its most striking hues.
- orange slippers.
- purple pants.
- blue t-shirt.
- red fan.
- green 'go green' bag.

All I need now is a yellow hat. Maybe I should get one of those yellow hard hats from construction sites.

Waitaminute, that's not a good idea. Being a rainbow with a construction hard hat looking like a member of the village people... Hmmm...

That would definitely attract the wrong kind of attention.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Let's live in an island.
I can grow vegetables. You can fish fishes.
I'll grow organic squashes, greens, and beans.
You'll fish groupers, jacks, and yellowfins.
My papayas are non-GMO, your tuna is dolphin safe
As my garden grows, we'll shelter in a cave
And if outsiders try to intrude
We'll harpoon their asses to Beirut.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Free Hugs

I want to take it to the streets today and give random people free hugs and flowers. But since flowers are gonna be really expensive today, I think I'll just give out hugs.... And since I am required to sit my fat ass in the edit suite all day long today, I reckon I won't be doing anything at all.

So to everyone who is reading this post, please claim your free hugs and flowers by typing 'Yes, I want a hug!' in the comments section. Offer valid until 18 February 2007. Terms & Conditions apply.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Guided Misadventures of Rocko the Secret Squirrel and Carlos, The Latin American Giant Hare. (Part One)

There exists a problem, a very big problem, a problem so big that if not solved instantly, might develop into a full blown international diplomatic crisis. This problem must be immediately brought forward to the attention of the international board of secret squirrels.

On the big screen TV of the secret squirrels headquarters conference hall projects the most horrorful (it was so horrific that the secret squirrels decided that no word in the existing set of vocabulary fits the situation. Therefore the ministry of vocabulary decided that a new word must be concocted to reflect the true situation. However, the cabinet did not agree unanimously on this. Some felt that 'horrorfuliffic', or 'horrendousful', or even 'horrorlicious' would be much more appropriate. But of course whenever such suggestions were thrown by one party, the others would go 'oh that is so absolutely horrorfullic!' or, 'oh my, how can we endorse such a horrorful word!'. Eventually since 'horrorful' received a majority of votes (albeit a very thin majority), it was thus decided that 'horrorful' should be that new word. Of course this does not go well for the others. Allegations of vote fixing, phantom wording, alphabet tampering and money politics were hurled. A call for a recount resounded; but due to the urgency of the situation, the minister decided that they should stick on 'horrorful'. "We will repel the word 'horrorful' from our vocabulary once this crisis is over, but for now, in the interest of national security we must, temporarily insert 'horrorful' into our vocabulary...", said the minister. Of course, one can imagine the fury of those who opposed the word... insults were hurled and the other party quickly formed an alliance and walked out of the hall in protest. Later, when interviewed by the press, a representative of the opposition said "We stand united... in principle, to unanimously oppose against the formation of such a horrorful word") image ever seen in the history of squirrelkind. A giant screw is lodged in the bellies of the earth. The earth is literally being screwed.

Surveyors were dispatched instantly to the site. So big was the screw that it took them 2 hours to measure the entire length with their 'zebra brand' wooden ruler. In total, it measured 278 feet (let it be known that the reason it took so long to measure this screw was because the ruler that they used was merely 30 centimeters long. It would have taken much longer if they had sticked to using the 15 centimeter one, fortunately a kind anonymous squirrel bought the 30 cm ruler out of his own pocket and donated it to the cash strapped surveyors.), give and take a couple of inches.

The secret squirrels fall into a stupor. As they chew on their winter reserve of pine nuts, they find themselves asking 'who in the right mind would go into the trouble of driving such a big screw into the bellies of the earth?', even more puzzling was 'who on earth would possess such a massive screwdriver, capable of driving such a humungous screw?'. They scratch their heads.






(to be continued...)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Memori Di Mimaland 1986

I long for Mimaland.
For its water slides and swimming pools,
For its skating rinks and funny mirror rooms,
For its mini golf and groovy playgrounds
And most of all, who can forget...
The dinosaurs that once roamed the earth.

The biggest swimming pool in South East Asia

The highest water slides in South East Asia

Oh hello mother...

Shammah, Cheng Ee, Yuen Teng, Chee Hung.

Yuen Teng.

Everyone... Uncle Wai Keen, Cheng Ee, Shammah, Mother, Chee Hung, Yuen Teng.

photos by Yuen Fun.

Let's go to Mimaland.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It's going to be a very long day...
Maybe you'll like to come with me, we'll go running and cut this day in half.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Eternal slumber...




Get lots of sleep...

And If you dream, I hope you dream of sleeping deeply.