Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Remembering Lou Reed Days As I Stroll The Streets Of Forgotten Time

After losing my favourite Lou Reed CD for more than 2 years already... I've decided to do the wrong thing and download the album illegally off the net (It's not my fault that the iTunes store is not available in Malaysia... topped with the fact that I don't have a credit card).

Listening to this album again... I am reminded of two arcane Lou Reed incidents.

April 2005, Luang Phabang*, Laos.

Like any other Luang Phabang days, there was one special morning where I woke up and had a feeling that today will be especially slow (note that Luang Phabang is already the slowest place on earth). And days like these, Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' would play in my head incessantly... 'Just a perfect day, drink sangria in a bar...'

I walked to the library and asked Carol if she has any Lou Reed CDs... nay.

I walked to the local CD shop to see if they have any Lou Reed CDs... nay.




I proceeded to my lazy afternoon cafe for tea and cakes still pretty much with Lou Reed stuck in my head. The sun is still hiding behind the clouds as the Mekong flows languidly on my side.

I sip my tea, I eat my cake, I read my book.

I tell myself to ask one of the waiters at the bar if they have any Lou Reed...

I stand up... the stereo gently plays 'Satelite's gone up in the sky...'

Thank you... My day is now complete.

October 2005, Chagar Hutang**, Pulau Redang, Malaysia

I drag my feet on the sun kissed white sands of Chagar Hutang as I stare into the horizon where the sky meets the ocean. It is said that if you're on sea level, the horizon is about 5 kilometers away. I tip toed a little, for a moment, I saw a little further than 5 kilometers.

I soak my feet in the turquoise hue water. From nowhere, my head kept going 'It's so cold in Alaska, It's so cold in Alaska...'

Sigh... cut off from civilization, there is no way I can get any Lou Reed CDs anywhere.

I return to the hut and took a seat at the bench right next to her.

She begins to whistle...

She whistles 'It's so cold in Alaska, It's so cold in Alaska...'

I look at her... once again, the universe conspires.

Post Script

Maybe it's the magical quality of Lou Reed, maybe its the magical quality of Luang Phabang and Chagar Hutang, or maybe, it's the magical quality of the people around me.

*Luang Phabang is my favourite place in the world.
**Chagar Hutang is my favourite corner in the world.

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