Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Holga Micro-110: The King Of Lo-Fi

Here is my first batch of photos shot with the Holga Micro-110 camera. Photography doesn't get anymore lo-fi than this.

Everything is a representation of something else.


Effa said...

pretty! i like the one on the ferry. how'd my b&w contact sheet turn out? can see wan?

Anonymous said...

Hi, would like to know where do u get ur supply of 110 film in Malaysia? Im actually fr Singapore. And would like to know more sources to get the film. Pls email me at v_savvy@yahoo.com.sg. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi there, like v_savvy@yahoo.com.sg.
i would like to ask how much did you get your film for and how much does it cost you to get this device?