Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Project Pinholio - Update # 3

Hai adik-adik!

By implanting a nut (not the kind you eat, the kind you screw a bolt into), that fits a standard tripod shoe onto layers of hard mat board superglued to the bottom outer shell of the camera of course. After fasting for 40 minutes and 28 seconds, I received an epiphany as to how the camera should be mounted on a tripod.

I am so fucking great. Worship me.

To make myself even greater, I'm like already 98% done with the camera. After my last posting, I glued the outer shell togerher, attached it to the camera, lightproffed the insides, made a flap door style shutter, attached a tripod mount, attached rubber feet to the base... and...

I even made a viewfinder so that i can view an approximation of what I'm shooting. How cool is that. Of course this would have been impossible if it wasn't for N the engineer whose phytagorean theorum knowledge proved to be indispensible (assuming that the base of the pyramid is a perfect rectangular 100mm and 72 mm on its side, and the height of the pinnacle is 135mm. What would be the length of the sides?).

So what is the 2% that's still incomplete. I realized that the shutter flap won't close tightly and when opened, won't stay open without me having to keep my hands on it. Solution? velcro... but I need to go find some.

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Effa said...

bestnye! i'm still lookin for the pinhole cam template for ya.. i dunno where the heck i put it. :(