Monday, July 20, 2009


Today is my 6th time in Suvarnabhumi airport in the last 30 days...
I pretty much know this airport by heart now... I feel like I live here. I know where to get a meal, where to steal wifi signals, where to...

The post office is right at the row W

If I'm hungry I can go down to level 3 for food... in one of the restaurants, the wifi password is '55555'
If I'm hungry, and poor... I can go down to the level 1`foodcourt
If I'm hungry, poor, and too lazy to go all the way to level 1... there is always the family mart in row W where I can get a cup jok for 17 bath.

But there was a time when I missed someone... and I stayed in row D to write her a letter. Then I walked to row W to post it... by then it was 4 AM in the morning, so I was really hungry and I went to the family mart after that.

As I eat my cup jok, I begin to realize that there is nowhere to go when one's heart is broken.

Today, I will have to come home... hopefully, It'd be months when I come back to Suvarnabhumi. Hopefully by then, this will just mean nothing more than an airport to me.

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bodohbuta said...

travel validates the distance that will never be bridged