Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dear Julia

I hope this finds you well. Generally I am fine but sometimes there are things that bring me down, but thankfully at this very moment they don't. I guess it is because I'm beginning to see the bright side of things now. Somehow, when I turn my head away from the darkness, things don't seem as bad anymore, it's almost like life is worth living after all. I don't want to slit my wrist anymore, neither do I want to slit yours, I hope the same is for you. I'm beginning to realize that slitting our wrists is not much of a solution. In a world filled with beauty, that seems oddly morbid. I wish you'd do the same too... I hope you see the beauty that I am seeing now... All I had to do was to start looking in the mirror.

chi too

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shuehmiin said...

HAHAHA i like this one. Who is Julia?