Thursday, September 03, 2009

There Are Too Many Of You

To whom it may concern,

I hope this finds you well. To delete all niceties and pretension; in an effort to convey my feelings in a most honest fashion; I would like to speak the absolute truth to you.

That I find hard to deny.

I have not been completely confident in the truths you present to me, in fact, I am absolutely convinced that all that you have said to me contains everything but the truth.

That I find hard to accept.

And as difficult as this may seem, I feel that I now must (as a result of what I find hard to accept) start to erase you from my sphere of existence, or rather to stop perceiving your existence.

That I find hard to exercise.

However, for as long as what you say (have said, or continue to say) fails to realistically correspond to what I perceive with my tangible senses, it will continue to tear at all that is intangible (which is all I have left) in me.

That I find hard to endure.

And what I find hard to endure, I find hard to exercise and accept. And all that I find hard to deny. Therefore, please excuse my hiatus from your sphere of existence which you yourself may find hard to accept.

Unfortunately, the truth is, in the absence of truth, you deny my presence. I wish you well.

chi too

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