Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Have A Friend

I have a friend... Let's just call her A*. A likes to hang out with B,C, and D. A comes along to dinner with B,C, and D all the time. B,C, and D likes to eat Arab food. After numerous trips to the Arabic restaurant, B,C, and D begin to realize that A would eat nothing but the Hummus and eggplant thingy, which is actually damn yummy. B says 'perhaps, A doesn't like Arab food'.
B,C, and D would like to find out if A likes Arab food or not, but somehow A has not been entirely honest on the issue. B,C, and D wonders, 'How can we find out what she feels about Arab food'

Sigh... some mysteries are left to the universe to answer. Jai Guru Deva Om.

*All names are changed to protect the identity of said persons.

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