Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One day...

One day I will open a cafe...
There, you will get slapped if you ask if you can have a frappucino or some ice-blended bullshit.

for example

Customer 1 : Can I have a latte
Me : Small, Medium, or Large?
Customer 1 : Medium
Me : Skinny, Full Cream, or Soy
Customer 1 : Full Cream
Customer 2 : Can I have an ice blended mochachinno extravaganza
Me : (SLAPS CUSTOMER 2) Fuck you, we don't do ice blendeds.
Customer 2 : Sorry... Can I have a Grande Cappuccino
Me : (SLAPS CUSTOMER 2) Fuck you, I don't understand what do you mean by 'Grande'. We only have small, medium, and large.
Customer 2 : Sorry... I'll have a medium cappucinno... with soy
Me : (SLAPS CUSTOMER 2) Fuck you, I don't do soy milk here. Soy are for losers.

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//dill said...

wah so angry