Monday, May 24, 2010

chi too's Guide To Daily Living (part 2 of many)

Dear Chi Too,
I'd like to know how the same can be applied if it isn't a phone conversation but a face-to-face one. Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hi PQ,
If you are caught in an undesirable face to face conversation as a result of an undesirable phone conversation that ended with the other party saying 'We should meet up someday', then you totally deserve it. You cannot be helped.

Otherwise, I suggest staring intensely at the person's forehead throughout the conversation. If the person asks 'what's wrong?', just say 'huh?' and pretend like he/she is insane for asking such a question. Continue to stare at the person's forehead after that and pepper it with a concerned look every now and then.

Soon enough, the person would probably excuse him/herself to the toilet. Before the person returns, pack your things and clutch your bag then anxiously tell him/her that you just got this phone call and you must attend to it immediately. Be courteous and leave some money behind for the drink you had. Then leave, but try to not say things like 'Keep in touch', 'Call me', or 'Let's meet again soon'.

Walk away. I hope that I've made your life a bit more pleasurable today. May your woes and burdens be lighter.

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