Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2 Things

In this box there are 2 things
I will show you what these 2 things are

Thing number 1... Cloverfield

I actually really like this film. I've heard a number of nasty reviews and a number of good reviews and it seems like one of those films where you'll either love or hate.

Yea, the plot is kinda predictable, and it does feel like I'm previewing rushes on a very big screen (looks like footage from the protest demonstrations in KL only without the missiles and monsters.. wait a minute there are monsters, unseen monsters... and there are also tear gas and water cannons. So yeah, pretty much like what we have here.), but hell, I think the treatment and storytelling was fantastic... Putting me behind the video camera really engaged me and I felt like I was right there in NYC...

Yes, monster attacking New York... cliched; heroic attempt to save some chick... cliched; telling a story behind a video camera... Blair Witch's done it already... The real art in this film, IMHO is the director's ability to take all these cliches and repackage them altogether in a brand new storytelling technique.

I also like the fact that this is probably one film that can get away with shaky handheld camera work, sloppy editing with loads of jump cuts, bad audio, and everything else that no executive producer would ever allow to pass through in a film.

Now I want to buy the camera that they have... it seems like the batteries last forever. That'd really come in handy.

Thing 2... goodbyes.

Isn't it boring how we say 'see you later' in farewell salutations.
Why is it always 'see', what about all the other senses...
Why not "Hear you later'
Why not 'Smell you later'
Why not 'Taste you later'
Why not 'Feel you later'

Oh well... it's late now, not really a good time for questioning societal norms

Taste you later.

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