Sunday, January 27, 2008

An Obituary To My Shanghai Tang Wallet

Today, I went to the ATM and withdrew 500 ringgit.
I wanted to buy the new apple keyboard and things my mother wanted from ikea to spruce up the home for chinese new year.

I rode the bus.
I got off the bus only to realize that my wallet is no longer in my pant pocket.

To make matters worse the wallet is barely used.
I bought it 2 weeks ago from Shanghai Tang in Bangkok.
Its a Shanghai Tang wallet that I absolutely love.

When I bought it, I justify the ridiculous price tag...
'New year, new wallet... hopefully new money will come into this wallet'

I couldn't be any more wrong.

8 PM, I am in the middle of Bukit Bintang. I have no money at all, I am hungry (my last meal was breakfast at 8 AM), I'm tired, and I'm feeling as fucked up as I can possibly feel.

Fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckfuck fuck.

What more can go wrong...

I made a few phone calls.
Then my phone died on me.


Honey Star said...

OMG that you lost that happening ST wallet!!!!!! FUCKS!!!!

lainie said...

:( that sucks so much, aiyoh.